Gary Larson Depicted IT So Well...

Gary Larson Depicted IT So Well...

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A few things said in the New Testament about AUTHORITY > > this same 'exercise' can be repeated on any premise within the Word

Titus 3:1&2 Remind people that they must submit to the rulers who are in authority over them; that they must obey the magistrates, be prepared for every right action, to slander no one, to be peaceable and considerate, and to show true humility toward all men.1 Peter 2:13 Submit, for the Lord's sake, to every authority set up by man, whether it be to the Emperor as supreme ruler, and therefore never challenge authority nor over-throw it as the United States did to the English rule of the colonies
Ephesians 5:24 And as the church is under Christ's authority, so let wives be under the rule of their husbands in all things. "all" – opens a wide berth for abuse1 Timothy 2:12 But I don't permit a woman to teach, nor to exercise authority over a man, but to be in quietness. what if the woman is one of the "every authorities set up by man" – such as a supreme court justice; they're not silent when they interpret lawsTitus 2:9 Servants are to be under the authority of their masters, pleasing them in all things, without argument; servants are still permitted as stated in the New Testament and like Ephesians 5:24, a wide berth for abuse. You see how something that was "right" before is now wrong and things that were wrong before (like eating certain meats) are now right

…anyone can slice the Bible to say/mean what they want it to mean. The Truth/Love in the Word of God must be taken as a WHOLE; not in bits and pieces.

Throughout the Bible, it is repeatedly made abundantly clear that God does not interfere with Free Will – hence the 'fall' from the Garden of Eden (so all would come to know/love/honor Him of their Free Will). In that same WHOLE truth, God assures us that He would not interfere with the Free Will of those who, with good intentions, have re-translated/written the 'Word' over a thousand times.
The mere fact that the Word has been written/handed-down/translated into different languages/there are different versions/there are arguments as to which is correct, confirms mans' hand (Free-Will) in the process. Thank God He gives us Free Will/intellect/intuition/wisdom* to challenge/learn/Love/grow in knowledge.

It is lazy, and not using the Free Will/intellect/intuition/ wisdom…that God gave us to look at the 'Word' without question…because we are afraid we may see something we don't want to see.

Have you ever considered that the infinite God may not want everyone to 'see' Him in the same way? AND, who is to say their way is ABSOLUTELY the only way

to see God? I for one would not want to challenge God in such a cocky way as to say my way/version is what He wants dictated to the world. Are we actually willing to bet our salvation and that of billions on the one version of the Word we're holding on to? What about the billions who've gone before and were holding onto a previous version?

The in-errant Word of God – fosters extremism. It is as if to say, "I don't want to have to think about what the full message is." Then when some teacher/priest/minister/scribe explains it to us so we 'understand' it, if we then question that explanation, are we challenging the Word – even though it (their message) is NOT written within IT? If we don't question it, are we then better serving the Lord by not using what He gave us* to process and accept Him?We can all agree that we each come from our own perspectives. I have come to the full realization that God accepts me the way I am and He doesn’t care AT ALL that I am gay in the same way He doesn’t care if someone is hetero, blue eyed, a dwarf, a genius…. He gives each of us attributes that complete our lives, enable us to show LOVE to others and can help spread His JOY.
I CAN SAY, I will never let anything/anyone enslave me again because they view me as lesser and undeserving of the same respect as themselves. If someone chooses to judge another for any of their attributes, I strongly feel they should NOT (but if they do, they should keep those judgments entirely to themselves – to their graves to collect on the assurance of > “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” – which is inward as much as it is outward.) We all only answer to God –AND– there is nothing of my doing that will save me, only because of what was done for me, am I saved –AND–, God is the ONLY judge that matters: “Ecclesiastes 12:14 For God will bring every deed into judgment, including every hidden thing, whether it is good or evil.“ –AND– keeping in mind that what I (or anyone else) judges as right or wrong is of no consequence to God (there are [have been] innumerable things judged one way or the other simply because of geography/culture/era/masculine vs. feminine perspectives…).
There are many opinions as to the validity of the Bible, which can in itself be used to support nearly every argument including the arguments which claim to prove that the Bible is not valid.

The Bible has been misquoted on many occasions.
There are verses within the Bible which directly oppose one another, which many use to support a view that the Bible itself has no basis as a valid text, spiritual or otherwise.

Many believe that the Bible is book, but the Bible is a not a book in itself. The Bible is a collection of history books, spiritual texts, and other works, written over the course of a millennium or more and artificially placed together, to become the basis for a number of religions.

The books which form the Bible are a collection of books that were agreed by consensus and compromise, at various points in history, which is why for example, different versions of the same book, the Gospels, were all retained within the Bible.

At other times in History, the texts within the Bible have been standardized and adjusted to reflect political agendas, and/or also the personal view points of individuals in power.

In addition to the intentional changes to the original texts which were bought about by agreement, political agendas, and personal bias, further alternations have been made during translation and ‘modernization’ of the Bible.

Detailed information highlighting the changes, contradictions and other errors within the Bible is available from many sources for those who wish to pursue the information.

There are many contradictions between the principles contained within the Bible, and the rules contained within the Bible.

When viewed with an open mind, it is apparent that the principles within the Bible are from Spirit; the rules within the Bible are very much the product of man.
Interestingly, it seems that most of the times when a verse or verses from the Bible are used to support an argument, or a position of religious dogma, it is a quotation of rules rather than a quotation of principles.

When the rules, which are the contribution of man, within the Bible are used to support an argument or a position, it is usually with the purpose of bending others to will of the a few, or an individual.

All things considered, it would seem that the Bible cannot be trusted to guide to our spiritual path, but this perception is incorrect.

The key to the Bible, which is the true ‘Key of David’ is the manner in which we read the Bible. If we read the Bible with our mind, we focus on the rules within the Bible, but if we read the Bible with our heart, we draw on the principles within the Bible. Remember, when God looks at a person, he looks at their heart.

When we are drawn to read the Bible, we need to allow ourselves to not think about the words that we are reading, but to see the meaning of what we have read when we have finished reading; taking in the whole truth.

There are those who will argue which interpretation of the Bible, or passages within the Bible are correct. In truth, the interpretation of the Bible is correct only for the individual who has interpreted the passage of the Bible.

Each individual interpretation of the Bible is correct for the individual; not for any other.

The interpretation of an individual soul who reads the Bible for the first time, is as valid as the interpretation of the experienced Bible scholar. Remember, many misguided or unbalanced cult leaders have been very knowledgeable Biblical scholars.

The next time that we read the Bible, we need to read the Bible with our heart, and not with our mind.

We need to remember that when God talks with us, God talks to our hearts and not to our mind.

We need to listen to God’s Words, as we read God’s Words, with our heart.