Gary Larson Depicted IT So Well...

Gary Larson Depicted IT So Well...

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Thursday, June 21, 2057

Older & Wiser

Who can say that with what they know now, they wouldn't have made the decisions they made when younger and ignorant. EVERYONE!
I can say:

  • I wouldn’t have accepted a belief system that proposed that ALL who didn’t see things exactly the same (as we did) were wrong and eventually going somewhere other than Heaven.
  • I wouldn’t have believed it was acceptable to hate myself and others because of differences.
  • I wouldn’t have thought of killing myself at 13 because I was ‘different’.
  • I would have been true to myself and God, fully accepting the attributes God gave me and been appreciative of them – knowing that they add to the flavors of the Universe.
  • I would have understood that all good parents simply want their children to find someone to share their love with, be happy and fulfilled. Even if that someone was different than the parents imagined.
  • I would have chosen to express love as we are created to without regards for cultural, class, gender and other man-made restrictions (this would have saved many heart-aches).

Everyone benefits from time and sought-after wisdom.
I know now that God is sooo much bigger that our limiting concepts/presumptions that try to force Him into a “role” of being perceived by all as “same”. He is thoroughly capable of being perceived differently by all and still BEING. It is quite presumptuous to believe that He wants everyone to see Him the same. As it is now; and always has been, no two people do – even if they think they do.