Gary Larson Depicted IT So Well...

Gary Larson Depicted IT So Well...

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Saturday, June 23, 2057

Strengths Overshadowed - No More

There are times in our lives when our strengths are overshadowed by our weaknesses. This was true of too much of my life when I allowed my strengths to be eclipsed because I felt being gay was my greatest weakness and I had to cover it at whatever cost.

When we're not true to ourselves, the odds are that a weakness will likely become the cover of our truth.

I attempted to cover with comic relief yet, I had an anger deep inside because I couldn't possibly be who I really was. The cost was huge while the anger was an ever present tension barely under the surface of nearly everything I undertook.

My new partner in 1991, one day, after seeing my internal rage directed at an inanimate object, simply said, "Why are you so angry?" That question plagued me and indirectly inspired me to find its answer and to (over a number of years) exercise it from my being. My direction is to let my strengths out-shine my weaknesses and to live Life knowing the connectedness of us all.