Gary Larson Depicted IT So Well...

Gary Larson Depicted IT So Well...

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Saturday, June 09, 2057

Just Prior TO and CONTACT

On the 30th day after my first contact, I met with one of my best friend's younger brother, G, (who lives 200+ miles away from the core of my family and friends) who agreed to keep it a secret that I had contacted him until after I got there (the secret only needed to be kept for 30 days) and he also agreed to swear in front of a notary that he'd known me for over 40 years. I needed the notary to confirm it was me on the form requesting a Certified Birth Certificate. G broke down on the 29th day and told his brother D, one of my best friends (from the age of 9) who was hiding nearby when I met with G. I later learned that when I originally spoke with G, he had quite a hang-over and he had misconstrued much of our conversation - even concocting pieces of it into my being horribly disfigured due to a botched suicide attempt. D showed up for the meeting with G to see his childhood friend for just a second because he assumed I would bolt
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(never to be seen again) as soon as the notarized document was in-hand. I don't judge/blame D or G for the snowball that got ahead of me because they had called my Father & Mother with the news that the next day they would be meeting with someone claiming to be me and about the disfigurement. Of course I was thrilled to see both; not thrilled with the snowball challenge ahead of me.
Side note: When I originally called G I soooo eased into who I was and then once it was 'clear' forced him to ask me questions only I could possibly know. I even mentioned that I did not want him to think that I may be someone who simply found a diary and threw out some items to make him think it was me. We talked for quite some time & I continued to tell him very obscure things that wouldn't be in any diary that only he & I knew and he asked me many pointed questions to confirm it was me. We ended the conversation with him saying he was positive it was me because of my voice and all we discussed - now I know, hang-over positive.

We got the Cert. Birth request document notarized and bought a cheap walkie-talkie so D & I could talk between our cars for the many hours driving back to my family/friends' core area.

Next day, it turned out to be a blessing in that D was able to arrange for me to meet with my Mother (who had since contacted my youngest brother with the news of the mysterious visitor who may be disfigured - thank God, the snowball stopped with him).

Meeting my Mother was much less dramatic than the emotional sight I witnessed of a friend of mine (who, when he was 13 years old, was dropped on the opposite side of Mexico City and told never to come back, shortly after his father became aware that he was gay) meeting his Mother after 7 years. My Mom (J) came into the lobby of the hotel where she told D she'd agree to meet me. She told D that she'd register with the front desk where she'd sit. I got there early and placed myself in a big chair sufficiently distant and facing away from the desk so I could hear people come up to it yet not be in clear sight. She walked into the lobby & did not go to the desk - peered around and then at me to confirm it was really me and then we simply embraced for a long time. Cried a little and then went to a table and held hands while we talked for 3 1/2 hours (amazingly, only using up 3 Kleenex in that conversation). Then we went to dinner with D across the street at one of my Mother's favorite restaurants.
Side note: She said she was so relieved that I was alive and surprised that she had no anger - she had expected to be so mad - but all she felt was Love and relief. I mentioned that the anger may come later and she said, "No, she's not like that and it would not."

Today, I will maybe see my oldest and youngest sisters H & B if they are up to it (with my Mom again). D left a message on my younger brother's phone that I'd like to see him (he lives 100 miles from the 'core'). I may have to drive to him for that. My oldest brother will be returning from the Orient late Thursday.
The snowball has not reached any of my children, X-wife and any other friends other than D & G. I may see D's mother (my childhood spiritual guide/mom) today (she knows nothing).

Yesterday, the manager of the Social Security Dept. we went to - was very helpful (though he couldn't immediately help) giving much information on routes I may need to take to remove the "death" from my file and the number of weak I.D.s I will need to obtain to be able to get a replacement card once the death is removed.
My Certified Birth Certificate will be sent to C in the Northwest within two weeks.